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The place for the transfer of your valuable data stored
on legacy formats to more modern storage solutions.


If you're looking for a reasonably priced, reliable service to transfer your old video or audio formats to a more modern
format such as CD, DVD, USB flash or hard drive, please
feel free to visit our sister site at LPtransfers4U.com




Formats Transferred


3.5 " floppy disks (Micro Floppy)


Windows or DOS
MAC (MAC DS/HD only)

Actual size ( 3 1/2" by 3 5/8")

Pricing: $2.00 per disk transferred


5.25 " floppy disks (Mini Floppy)


Windows or DOS

Actual size ( 5 1/4" by 5 1/4")

Pricing: $5.00 per disk transferred


Iomega Zip Disks

(100 mb - 250 mb - 750 mb)


Windows or DOS

Pricing: $5.00 per disk transferred


York Photo Floppy Disks


Pricing: Starts at $5.00 per floppy disk transferred. Final cost
dependent on number of images taken from the disk.


Kodak Picture Disk


Pricing: Starts at $5.00 per disk transferred

(Final price determined by the number of images contained on the disk)

Still video floppy disks

(analog image format)


Actual size ( 2 3/8 " by 2 1/8")

Pricing: $19.95 per disk transferred

(Final price determined by the number of images contained on the disk)


Sony digital still video discs

(140 mb Minidisc Data)

Actual size ( 2 13/16" by 2 11/16 ")

Pricing: $19.95 per disk transferred


There will be a minimum charge of $10.00 for any order no matter the size!

Quantity discounts for medium to large size orders is available.

A Word or three about floppy disks


Floppy disks in all sizes and types suffer from one major flaw. They tend not to retain their data over a very long period of time.
Over time, depending on individual storage conditions
and disk quality some floppies will become corrupted
and contain very little retrievable information. At times
it can be a crap shoot as to how much can be transferred
from any one individual diskette. This is especially true for
the older 5.25" floppy disks, some of which can trace their
existence to as far back as 1978.

The folks at Floppy Disk Transfers generally
do not charge for any unsuccessful attempts at retrieving
data from your floppies. The only exception to this
rule is the unsuccessful attempt of a large number
of disks at the the customer's request. For medium to large
number of disks that yield no data, we will charge
a reasonable amount to cover our time.



About Us


We are a Los Angeles CA based audio / video transfer service
located in the beautiful San Fernando Valley.
Through our sister site LPtransfers4U.com we offer
media transfer services for most legacy formats
that includes everything from tapes and vinyl records
to home movies and camcorder tapes.
Even some of the less common formats

such as mini cassette and micro
cassette tapes are within our capability.


Contact Us


If you have any questions about our floppy transfer services or
wish to find out how to begin the floppy conversion order
process, please contact us at the telephone number
or email address below.



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